How a Math Genius Hacked OkCupid to Find True Love

Share Tweet Advertisement The online dating website OkCupid, first developed and launched back in by Harvard students, was hacked by the clever mathematician Christopher McKinlay. He did not do anything to cause harm to anyone including the website. He rather used a smart reverse-engineering algorithm to sort out the women who best matched his interests. The story of McKinlay who has a PhD in mathematics is quite unique. One sunny day in the summer of , while he was sitting in the computer lab waiting for a complex computation to finish, he decided to kill some time while browsing the OkCupid website. Basically OkCupid works with a math algorithm. When a person is registered he has to answer about questions pulled from

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About a Boston mass whiz who hacked his way to true love and figured out how to get the girl of his dreams. It’s a little more of “Beautiful mind. Chris Mckinley is so fed up with online dating he rye sorted to math to find his true love.

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Because much of genetics is based on quantitative data, mathematical techniques are used extensively in genetics. The laws of probability are applicable to crossbreeding and are used to predict frequencies of specific genetic constitutions in offspring. Geneticists also use statistical methods to determine… Ancient mathematical sources It is important to be aware of the character of the sources for the study of the history of mathematics.

The history of Mesopotamian and Egyptian mathematics is based on the extant original documents written by scribes. Although in the case of Egypt these documents are few, they are all of a type and leave little doubt that Egyptian mathematics was, on the whole, elementary and profoundly practical in its orientation. For Mesopotamian mathematics, on the other hand, there are a large number of clay tablets, which reveal mathematical achievements of a much higher order than those of the Egyptians.

The tablets indicate that the Mesopotamians had a great deal of remarkable mathematical knowledge, although they offer no evidence that this knowledge was organized into a deductive system. Future research may reveal more about the early development of mathematics in Mesopotamia or about its influence on Greek mathematics, but it seems likely that this picture of Mesopotamian mathematics will stand.

This stands in complete contrast to the situation described above for Egyptian and Babylonian documents. Although, in general outline, the present account of Greek mathematics is secure, in such important matters as the origin of the axiomatic method , the pre-Euclidean theory of ratios, and the discovery of the conic sections , historians have given competing accounts based on fragmentary texts, quotations of early writings culled from nonmathematical sources, and a considerable amount of conjecture.

Many important treatises from the early period of Islamic mathematics have not survived or have survived only in Latin translations, so that there are still many unanswered questions about the relationship between early Islamic mathematics and the mathematics of Greece and India. In addition, the amount of surviving material from later centuries is so large in comparison with that which has been studied that it is not yet possible to offer any sure judgment of what later Islamic mathematics did not contain, and therefore it is not yet possible to evaluate with any assurance what was original in European mathematics from the 11th to the 15th century.

Mathematician dating site

Now, I think that we can all agree that mathematicians are famously excellent at finding love. Laughter But it’s not just because of our dashing personalities, superior conversational skills and excellent pencil cases. It’s also because we’ve actually done an awful lot of work into the maths of how to find the perfect partner. Now, in my favorite paper on the subject, which is entitled, “Why I Don’t Have a Girlfriend” — Laughter Peter Backus tries to rate his chances of finding love.

Now, Peter’s not a very greedy man. Of all of the available women in the UK, all Peter’s looking for is somebody who lives near him, somebody in the right age range, somebody with a university degree, somebody he’s likely to get on well with, somebody who’s likely to be attractive, somebody who’s likely to find him attractive.

The Rhind Papyrus, dating from around BCE, is a kind of instruction manual in arithmetic and geometry, and it gives us explicit demonstrations of how multiplication and .

Our research reveals that Plimpton describes the shapes of right-angle triangles using a novel kind of trigonometry based on ratios, not angles and circles. It is a fascinating mathematical work that demonstrates undoubted genius. This means it has great relevance for our modern world. Babylonian mathematics may have been out of fashion for more than 3, years, but it has possible practical applications in surveying, computer graphics and education. This is a rare example of the ancient world teaching us something new.

It opens up new possibilities not just for modern mathematics research, but also for mathematics education. With Plimpton we see a simpler, more accurate trigonometry that has clear advantages over our own. The mathematical world is only waking up to the fact that this ancient but very sophisticated mathematical culture has much to teach us. They believe it was a working tool, not — as some have suggested — simply a teaching aid for checking calculations. As far back as the Austrian mathematician Otto Neugebauer and his associate Abraham Sachs were the first to note that Plimpton has 15 pairs of numbers forming parts of Pythagorean triples: The integers 3, 4 and 5 are a well-known example of a Pythagorean triple, but the values on Plimpton are often considerably larger with, for example, the first row referencing the triple , and

The maths of online dating

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They all use logarithms in their computation. The webquest you will be completing will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about one of these applications of logarithms and share your new knowledge with your classmates. It is important because it will allow you to better understand logarithms and see how they are useful beyond the math classroom. The Task The end product of your webquest will be a brochure describing what you’ve learned about your chosen application of logarithms.

It includes the following requirements: Brochure style tri-folded Typed, in your own words Description and history of the application e. The Process In-Class Activities: Choosing an Application Activity: In class today, you are choosing one application that you will research. The choices include the Richter scale, decibels, the pH scale, stellar magnitude, and carbon dating.

In class today, you will have time to research the application you chose, take notes, and begin working on your brochure.

This mathematical theory explains how women can be more successful on dating sites

From failures in math, funny jokes, cool facts, puzzles, comics… Updated Mon-Fri! The problem with dating a mathematician Posted by Maiu on November 19, Should you date a mathematician? This is the question Tanya Khovanova asked herself on her blog. The list of bad features also includes professions to avoid. Can you guess the first profession on the list?

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Mathematician dating site The best dating website? I 25f was in a relationship with a math postdoc 31m, probability was his forte who was in a 6 year relationship with his ex 29f, she was pursuing her phd in psychology prior to meeting me. What to know about iphone battery replacements. Basically i do lbourne cup Sure attraction is abstract, but as far as okcupid is concerned, either your next random hookup or your lifelong match could be found by running some numbers.

Mckinlay realized that he would only be matched with someone if they answered exactly the same questions as him. Data mining for dates After two weeks they both suspended their okcupid accounts.

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Home Articles The maths of online dating The maths of online dating You might not think that finding your true love and mathematics have much in common, however increasingly you would be wrong. Just like the fact that more people are shopping online every year, more people are also dating online. This means that online dating is big business and consequently the sites that are best at helping people to meet their future partners are going to succeed in the market.

This means that online dating sites need to have the best method for matching people and this is where the mathematics comes in.

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English, German, Francais, Espanol, Italian, Portuguese Mathematics is a powerful calculation software for your android smartphone. The natural display shows fractions, roots and exponents as you would expect it from mathematics. In a few seconds you derivate or integrate your desired function, calculate the zero points of your function und show them in the function plot. See all maxima, minima or inflection points in one view. The easy way of use allows you to solve linear equations in just a moment.

Or transform your mathematical, physical or chemical equation to any unknown variable. You often needs to calculate with binary, octal or hexadecimal number systems? You can mix them together in one calculation even by using decimal digits. But that’s not enough! You can also calculate with any other number system with base 2 to From time to time you may need to convert units to another one, like Celsius to Fahrenheit, miles to kilometre, inches to foot and so on. You will also be able to calculate with vectors, matrices and determinants.

Mathematical secrets of ancient tablet unlocked after nearly a century of study

That’s because women generally message men who are five points more attractive as rated by OKCupid users than they are, while they typically receive messages from men who are seven points less attractive than they are. At the same time, OKCupid found that men currently send 3. Here’s how it works: Fry uses the example of three boys talking to three girls at a party. Each participant has an ordered list of who is most suitable to go home with.

The Mathematics of Love If this was a s-style dating scenario in which the boys approached the girls, each boy would hit on his top-choice girl, Fry says.

Earlier this year, Prof Zicari had the pleasure of interviewing Philippe Kahn, a mathematician, well-known technology innovator, entrepreneur and founder of four technology companies: Fullpower Technologies, LightSurf Technologies, Starfish Software and Borland.

It also saw mathematics become a major profession, involving thousands of new Ph. The eccentric British mathematician G. Although they came close, they too were defeated by that most intractable of problems, but Hardy is credited with reforming British mathematics, which had sunk to something of a low ebb at that time, and Ramanujan proved himself to be one of the most brilliant if somewhat undisciplined and unstable minds of the century.

Others followed techniques dating back millennia but taken to a 20th Century level of complexity. The early 20th Century also saw the beginnings of the rise of the field of mathematical logic, building on the earlier advances of Gottlob Frege, which came to fruition in the hands of Giuseppe Peano, L. Of these original 23 problems, 10 have now been solved, 7 are partially solved, and 2 the Riemann hypothesis and the Kronecker-Weber theorem on abelian extensions are still open, with the remaining 4 being too loosely formulated to be stated as solved or not.

Hilbert was himself a brilliant mathematician, responsible for several theorems and some entirely new mathematical concepts, as well as overseeing the development of what amounted to a whole new style of abstract mathematical thinking. Hilbert ‘s approach signalled the shift to the modern axiomatic method, where axioms are not taken to be self-evident truths.

But, as a spin-off, his work also led to the development of computers and the first considerations of such concepts as artificial intelligence. With the gradual and wilful destruction of the mathematics community of Germany and Austria by the anti-Jewish Nazi regime in the and s, the focus of world mathematics moved to America, particularly to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, which attempted to reproduce the collegiate atmosphere of the old European universities in rural New Jersey.

In addition to his physical work in quantum theory and his role in the Manhattan Project and the development of nuclear physics and the hydrogen bomb, he is particularly remembered as a pioneer of game theory, and particularly for his design model for a stored-program digital computer that uses a processing unit and a separate storage structure to hold both instructions and data, a general architecture that most electronic computers follow even today.

Another American, Claude Shannon, has become known as the father of information theory, and he, von Neumann and Alan Turing between them effectively kick-started the computer and digital revolution of the 20th Century. His early work on Boolean algebra and binary arithmetic resulted in his foundation of digital circuit design in and a more robust exposition of communication and information theory in

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This website explains what carbon dating is, what it is used for, and how it works. It shows the formula used and gives a sample problem. It also discusses the limitations and accuracy the of this method of dating.

The purposes of AWMA are: To encourage African women to take up and continue their studies in mathematics and to promote mathematics among women. To support African women with or desiring careers in research in mathematics or Mathematics related fields. To provide a meeting place for these women. To foster international scientific communications among African women within and across fields in mathematics. To promote equal opportunity and equal treatment of women and men in the African Mathematical community.

The mathematics of love